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Random_Hajile - Videogame and Asian Music

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No Post This Week [Sep. 23rd, 2005|11:35 pm]
Random_Hajile - Videogame and Asian Music

[I'm feeling |busybusy]

Sorry to go another week without a post but I've got my server space strung all over the place in an attempt to turn it into some kind of thriving marketplace to make millions.... or maybe just 10's of dollars, but it's a start. Sorry once again. I'll be back to posting on October 1st.
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Wow! an award!! [Apr. 9th, 2005|10:24 pm]
Random_Hajile - Videogame and Asian Music

[I'm feeling |accomplishedaccomplished]

(I shall make this post public to show it off!)
zhongwenmp3 gave us an award for best mlj the week of March 8th!!
Thanks so much!
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Welcome to Random_Hajile! [Jan. 30th, 2005|01:47 pm]
Random_Hajile - Videogame and Asian Music

[I'm feeling |excitedexcited]
[I'm listening to |Heart of Darkness]

Random_Hajile is a members-only Livejournal community for fans of videogame and asian music (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean). It is currently moderated by me, dionisio, and will be updated on the weekends; Saturday or Sunday.

:: The Rules ::
1. DO NOT HOTLINK to these files! If you must share something awesome with a friend, tell them to join the group! The more members, the better. It makes comments/discussions more fun.
2. Please leave a comment about what you downloaded. It's not required but it lets me know someone out there is enjoying this music. Kudo points to those leaving comments about what they liked, didn't like, or what they'd like to hear!
3. If you really, really don't like something, don't download it! Please don't leave irate comments about hating so-and-so or how lame someone is for liking so-and-so. It becomes increasingly hard for me to not remove you from the community.
4. I will take requests if I have something you'd like to check out. This will become much easier if I ever get my playlist posted online. See below on how to request something.
5. If you enjoy anything I post, please support the artists/publishers. A lot of videogame music I plan to post has no official soundtracks, but most of the asian music is available online. I'll provide any links I can find to albums still in stock.

:: How to Join ::
Use this link to request membership. As soon as I see your request, I'll more than likely add you straightaway! Why members only? So that not every Tom, Dick, or 1337Sauce that happens upon my community can go grabbing songs and spamming my beloved members. And if a lame spammer gets through I can easily remove them. See? It's good for the both of us. Please add the community to your friends list to stay up-to-date! Check community info for more!

Please enjoy your membership to random_hajile. Punch and pie will be served shortly.

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